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FastReport 3.14   popular     
Software Publisher's Description:
+ added FastQueryBuilder (button in SQL editor window)
+ added TfrxOverlay.PrintOnTop property
+ added TfrxDMPCommand component to print ESC-sequences. Use Command property to set sequence: DMPCommand1.Command := '#27#40' (alternate form '1B28')
+ added TfrxReport.OnRunDialogs script event. Use this event to handle report dialogs manually
+ added Description property to all report components
+ added "ExportNotPrintable" property in all export filters
+ added "Resolution", "SeparateFiles" properties in BMP, JPEG, TIFF export filters
+ improved TfrxHTTPClient RFC 2068 compatibility (when working with non-FastReport servers)
* changed internal datasets behaviour, now they can be added to any report page without using dialogs
* changed internal datasets architecture (common class TfrxCustomDatabase, QBuilder support)
- fixed bug with brush styles
- fixed bug in Report Server with fetch of report from the cache with equal variables
- fixed bug in XML export filter with fkNumber format of the memo
- fixed Outline bug in PDF export filter
- fixed RTL (Hebrew, Arabic language) bug in PDF export filter
- fixed resolution bug in TIFF export filter

FastReport 3 - new generation of the reporting tools.
FastReport 3 is a report generator for giving your application the
ability to generate reports quickly and efficiently. FastReportâ„¢
provides all the tools you need to develop reports.All variants of
FastReport 3 contains:
Visual report designer with rulers, guides and zooming, wizard for
base type reports, export filters to html, tiff, bmp, jpg, xls, pdf,
Dot matrix reports support, support most popular DB-engines. Full
WYSIWYG, text rotation 0..360 degrees, memo object supports simple
html-tags (font color, b, i, u, sub, sup), improved stretching
(StretchMode, ShiftMode properties), Access to DB fields, styles, text
flow, URLs, Anchors.
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Atom Entertainment (formerly AtomShockwave)
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  Download Number: Today: 1     This Week: 6     Total: 397
  Developer: FastStone Soft
  Language: English    [View All]
  Last Updated: 08 June 2005    [List Old Versions]
  Size: 5.14MB
  License: Shareware
  Min. requirements: Delphi 4-7/2005; BCB 4-6
  OS: Win95/Win98/WinME/WinNT 4.x/Windows2000/WinXP
  Warning: Try 100 uses time(s)
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