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Shell & Desktop Management

Players Alarms & Clocks 75
Players Clipboard Utilities 17
Players Launchers & Shutdown Tools 31
Players Notepad Replacements 2
Players Randomizers & Changers 0
Players Shell & Desktop Management: Miscellaneous 102
Players Shell Customization Managers 10
Players Start Menu Utilities 3
Players Toolbar Enhancements 11
Players Virtual Desktop Managers 7
Players Window Managers 1

Editor DBF Viewer 2000   2.10
DBF Viewer 2000 is a powerful, compact and easy-to-use viewer and editor for DBF files. You can view, edit, sort, use query by example, delete duplicates, create, print database tables a export the data from them to a variety of formats.
Editor's Pick History:
Tray Expert   3.0

dirSize 1.1 popular     
This is a very simple way to view how big each folder is on your pc. It is very lightweight (the dll is less than 40KB) and is compatible with any windows based system from Windows 2000 through the latest pre-releases of Windows Vista. ... >>
License: Shareware Size: 40 KB OS: Windows2000/WinXP/Windows2003
IsOnPost 1.1 popular     
IsOnPost helps you organize and remind you of various events and happenings. It enables you to create neat calendar windows where you can post your work notes, things to do, ideas or any event you wish to remember. ... >>
License: Shareware Size: 1,317 KB OS: Win98/WinME/Windows2000/WinXP
ZoneTick World Time Zone Clock 2.6.5 popular     
The ZoneTick download replaces Windows system clock with a multiple time zone clock, utilizing skins, alarms, and double-click actions for each timezone. A taskbar utility for anyone traveling or doing business overseas. Auto-daylight saving shift. ... >>
License: Shareware Size: 332 KB OS: Win95/Win98/WinME/WinNT 4.x/Windows2000/WinXP/Windows2003
X2Net Recent Documents 2.0.0 popular     
Never lose track of a file again! X2Net Recent Documents automatically keeps track of every document you use. You can find them again by date, by application or by type. You can even track down your documents inside the Windows Open File Dialogs! ... >>
License: Shareware Size: 4,060 KB OS: Win95/Win98/WinME/WinNT 4.x/Windows2000/WinXP/Windows2003
MsgSender 3.1 popular     
Program can send message to any computer. You will only know computer address. The sender and recipient must be in the nework or internet connection. Message has 400 symbols and 1 string of text. When you send mail system will say: Message from ... >>
License: Freeware Size: 2,979 KB OS: Win95/Win98/WinME/Windows2000/WinXP/Windows2003
SemTop! 2.0 popular     
SemTop! is a nifty tool that allows to keep important windows always on top of the desktop and doesn't allow other windows to overlap it. ... >>
License: Shareware Size: 294 KB OS: Win98/WinME/Windows2000/WinXP
Free Car Screensaver 1.0 popular     
Put the hottest cars in the world on your desktop with this beautiful car screensaver. ... >>
License: Freeware Size: 2,560 KB OS: Win95/Win98/WinME/Windows2000/WinXP
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Day Week Month Total
1 X2Net Recent Documents  2.0.0
2 MsgSender  3.1
3 Shutdown Manager and Tools
4 PX8 Desktop Pager for Windows  8.0
5 DzSoft Paste & Save  2003
6 Talking Secretary  2.02d
7 SeeThruClock  2005.02
8 TransDesktop  1.4
9 1 Clock Domain Multi Zone  1.0
10 Ace Clock XP  2005.3.750

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1 Kybtec World Clock
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