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Kernel for NTFS - Data Recovery Software  4.03 popular     
Kernel for NTFS recovers data from deleted, formatted, damaged, or corrupted partitions where NTFS based operating systems, such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 are installed on the hard drive. ... >>
License: Shareware Size: 2,039 KB
OS: Windows2000/WinXP/Windows2003
16 June 2006 NA

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Nucleus Kernel FAT- Data Recovery Software  4.03 popular     
Nucleus Kernel FAT recovers data from deleted, formatted, damaged, or corrupted FAT partitions. Easy Recovery after partition loss, boot sector corruption or any other type of file system corruption. ... >>
License: Shareware Size: 2,023 KB
OS: Win95/Win98/WinME/Windows2000/WinXP/Windows2003
16 June 2006 NA

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DiskInternals Partition Recovery  1.5 popular     
Corrupted, deleted or reformatted partitions pose no problem for you if you have DiskInternals Partition Recovery, which supports: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS, NTFS4 and NTFS5. The program also brings to life all deleted files or lost disks. ... >>
License: Shareware Size: 1,713 KB
OS: Win95/Win98/WinME/WinNT 4.x/Windows2000/WinXP/Windows2003
16 June 2006 NA

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BetaSys Harddisk Cataloging  0.1 popular     
Utility for easily cataloging files for special search purposes. Example usage of this utility include finding duplicate files, old unused files or unused DLL files. ... >>
License: Freeware Size: 1,084 KB
OS: Win98/WinME/Windows2000/WinXP/Windows2003
13 June 2006 NA

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Complex Evolution  3.2.4      
Complex Evolution restricts the complex process of CD recording to a few mouse clicks. Obviously, this is good for ordinary user. Now you can still get high quality outputs, even if you don't know the subtleties of recording technology. ... >>
License: Shareware Size: 2,650 KB
OS: Win95/Win98/WinME/WinNT 3.x/WinNT 4.x/Windows2000/WinXP/Windows2003
15 May 2006 NA

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Fast File Splitter  3.4      
Fast File Splitter (FFS) is a tool to split large files into smaller files to be put on floppies or sent by email. FFS comes with a lot of advanced options. Customizable file size or number of files to generate. Can create a self merging file. ... >>
License: Shareware Size: 741 KB
OS: Win95/Win98/WinME/WinNT 3.x/WinNT 4.x/Windows2000/WinXP/Windows2003
12 May 2006 NA

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Windows FAT Data Recovery software popular     
recover damaged corrupted fat fat12 fat16 fat32 vfat data files folders partition bad sectors master boot record dos boot record root directory file allocation table missing entries from windows XP 2003 2000 ME NT 98 95 restore computer pc xp system ... >>
License: Shareware Size: 5,318 KB
OS: Win 3.1x/Win95/Win98/WinME/WinNT 3.x/WinNT 4.x/Windows2000/WinXP/Windows2003
09 May 2006 NA

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Nucleus Kernel Paradox Database Repair  4.03 popular     
Nucleus Kernel Paradox repairs corrupt [.db] paradox database files. The software uses quick algorithm to scan and repair the corrupted [.db] paradox database file. ... >>
License: Demo Size: 1,157 KB
OS: Win95/Win98/WinME/WinNT 3.x/WinNT 4.x/Windows2000/WinXP
06 May 2006 NA

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Kernel FAT-NTFS - Windows Data Recovery  4.03 popular     
Nucleus Kernel FAT and NTFS recovers deleted files and data from formatted partitions. It is a robust data recovery software and file undelete tool for FAT and NTFS file systems. An easy to use data recovery utility for Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003. ... >>
License: Demo Size: 2,078 KB
OS: Win98/WinME/Windows2000/WinXP/Windows2003
27 April 2006 NA

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PDF U Split Desktop Edition  1.15 popular     
PDF U Split software Automates the process of splitting multiple PDF files. ... >>
License: Shareware Size: 2,066 KB
OS: Win95/Win98/WinME/WinNT 4.x/Windows2000/WinXP/Windows2003
24 April 2006 NA

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Total: 328 Program(s)    1 - 10 Next >>

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