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Editor DBF Viewer 2000   2.10
DBF Viewer 2000 is a powerful, compact and easy-to-use viewer and editor for DBF files. You can view, edit, sort, use query by example, delete duplicates, create, print database tables a export the data from them to a variety of formats.
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CharProbe 1.0 popular     
CharProbe allows you to easily find and automatically copy: ASCII Codes, HTML Codes, Virtual Key Codes. You can also export custom tables to TXT or HTML and convert between decimal, hexadecimal, octal and binary numbers. ... >>
License: Shareware Size: 1,480 KB OS: Win95/Win98/WinME/WinNT 4.x/Windows2000/WinXP/Windows2003
Advanced Graph and Chart Collection 4.6 popular     
Add Powerful reporting features to your Web / Intranet pages and applications. With the advanced graphing package you will be quickly adding impressive dynamic charting capabilities bringing your data alive ! ... >>
License: Shareware Size: 1,441 KB OS: Win95/Win98/WinME/WinNT 3.x/WinNT 4.x/Windows2000/WinXP/Windows2003
DzSoft PHP Editor popular     
DzSoft PHP Editor is a handy and powerful tool for writing and testing PHP and HTML pages. With its deceptive simplicity, it's interface is comfortable both for beginners and experienced programmers, making PHP development easy and productive. ... >>
License: Shareware Size: 1,780 KB OS: Win95/Win98/WinME/WinNT 4.x/Windows2000/WinXP/Windows2003
A Tech Group - Professional Notepad 2.9 popular     
Professional Notepad is a powerful editor that allows you view and edit HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Delphi, C++ and other languages source code.It is a advanced tool supporting syntax highlighting, Code Templates, unlimited text size, etc. ... >>
License: Shareware Size: 400 KB OS: Win95/Win98/WinME/WinNT 4.x/Windows2000/WinXP/Windows2003
Fly Animator - Free Java Animation Maker 4.3 popular     
Fly Animator is a small application you can use to add custom animations to your Website. It allows you to add one or more text and/or graphics, which it moves within the borders of the Java applet it creates. ... >>
License: Freeware Size: 748 KB OS: Win95/Win98/WinME/WinNT 4.x/Windows2000/WinXP/Windows2003
Magic Button - Java Button Maker 4.01 popular     
Java Button Maker is a very friendly system for creating Web-page Java-based buttons, even if you have no programming knowledge. ... >>
License: Freeware Size: 1,603 KB OS: Win95/Win98/WinME/WinNT 4.x/Windows2000/WinXP/Windows2003
Javascript PopupTip Builder 1.0 popular     
Javascript PopupTip Builder is a powerful Javascript-producing design tool for creating pop tip on Web pages. ... >>
License: Shareware Size: 480 KB OS: Win95/Win98/WinME/WinNT 4.x/Windows2000
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Day Week Month Total
1 Atlas java Utiities  1.3
2 HTTPLook  1.25
3 Fly Animator - Free Java Animation Maker  4.3
4 Magic Button - Java Button Maker  4.01
5 Aspose.Mime  1.0
6 Java HTTP Client  1.2.1
7 JiveLint  1.22
8 IDAutomation PDF417 Font and Encoder  3.7
9 A Tech Group - Professional Notepad  2.9
10 jformula  3.0

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