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Developer Tools

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Players .NET 242
Players ActiveX 346
Players Components & Libraries 338
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Players Java 117
Players Reference & Tutorials 41
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Editor Roommate Finder Solution   1.3.64
Incredibly easy to set up and use solution for placing and searching commercials on rooms rent, administration of the rent advertisements and searching for apartments.
Editor's Pick History:
Roommate Finder Solution   1.3.64
SmartMenus   1.5.0
Apycom Java Menus and Buttons   5.00
VBto Converter   1.5
PowerCHM   3.1 Build 0112
JavaScript Iris PopMenu   1.0

VB Decompiler 2.3 popular     
Decompiler of Visual Basic programs. Decompiling forms, p-code (with decompile GUID objects), disassembling native code procedures (with power Pentium Pro disassembler, supporting MMX and FPU instruction sets) ... >>
License: Shareware Size: 1,034 KB OS: Win95/Win98/WinME/WinNT 4.x/Windows2000/WinXP/Windows2003
SkinEngine 1.07 popular     
SkinEngine is a library of components which allows to change visual appearance and behavior of your application with use of the powerful skinning engine and a set of 2000+ ready skins. SkinEngine allow easy skinning your GUI to your application. ... >>
License: Shareware Size: 5,717 KB OS: Win95/Win98/WinME/Windows2000/WinXP/Windows2003
FlyGrid.Net popular     
FlyGrid.Net is a fast, lightweight and highly customizable Tree/Data Grid control which completely manages the data, offering outstanding power and flexibility to manipulate tabular, hierarchical and master/detail data. ... >>
License: Shareware Size: 3,137 KB OS: Win98/WinME/Windows2000/WinXP/Windows2003
2D / 3D CAD Import .NET 1.5 popular     
CAD Import .NET is an easy-to-use API for reading AutoCAD DXF in C#, VB.NET and other .NET applications. It is completely programmed in C#. Demos: Viewer, Import, Add Entities, ViewerControl. ... >>
License: Shareware Size: 2,702 KB OS: Win95/Win98/WinNT 4.x/Windows2000/WinXP/Windows2003
Spices.Decompiler 5.0 popular     
.NET Decompiler, decompiles executables to well-formed and source code (C#, VB.Net, J#, MC++, MSIL) ... >>
License: Shareware Size: 5,992 KB OS: Win98/WinME/Windows2000/WinXP
Brand Worlds Tools 1.0 popular     
Make Web and Flash Animations, animated Avatars from 3D Models. Dress up avatars, create faces, expressions, motions, 3D environments, lights, cameras. Graphics and script output. > 1000 items, easily expandable, Add Packages, Import 3DS and X files ... >>
License: Shareware Size: 283,092 KB OS: Windows2000/WinXP/Windows2003
VideoShotMaker 1.00 popular     
VideoShotMaker is an ActiveX component that allows your applications to extract frames from video files and save them as image files. Frames can be extracted from AVI, MPEG, WMV, RealVideo files. Images can be saved as JPEG or BMP files. ... >>
License: Shareware Size: 223 KB OS: Win95/Win98/WinME/WinNT 4.x/Windows2000/WinXP/Windows2003
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Day Week Month Total
1 IDAutomation MICR Font Advantage  4.9
2 SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for C/C++  3.7
3 VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase ASA (Linux version)  1.1
4 ResizeXtra  1.3.8
5 DMControls.CharMap .NET control  1.0
6 UninsHs  1.6
7 COMM-DRV/Lib Standard Edition  19.0
8 AlligatorSQL Business Intelligence Edition  1.40-1
9 AscToTab  4.0
10 RSS Wizard  2.5

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1 Top PHP Studio  1.22
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2 MYTUI  1.1
(5 comment(s))
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